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Welcome to the AÏDA Coastal Karoo

For years AÏDA has been at the forefront of Real Estate services in South Africa. Named after its founder Aïda Geffen, AÏDA has been delivering quality products and services to members and consumers alike since 1958. When homebuyers and sellers think real estate, they think of the AÏDA brand, a Real Estate Group most likely to service their homeownership needs.

At AÏDA Coastal Karoo we strive to establish and maintain relationships with each and every client in order to meet the property and/or business needs of the respective client. Our dealings with you will be friendly and professional, striving to be UNASHAMEDLY ETHICAL in all our dealings.

Service area:

AÏDA Coastal Karoo services the broader geographical area of the Garden Route (excluding Mossel Bay) and the Little Karoo extending into the Large Karoo to the north and as far as Jansenville in the Eastern Cape.

The area is known for its’ variety of fauna and flora distinguished by diversity from a fairly wet and humid south, alongside the coast to the more dry and arid geographical areas of the Karoo.